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In the Colony She Was the First


Old Bailey record for trial of Mary Hayes, 20 May 1801

Old Bailey record for trial of Mary Hayes, 20 May 1801

...there is a hole through it, and I had one with a hole through it; I brought it with me from Jamaica, where I was an inhabitant nineteen years; the marks upon this piece of cambric have been torn off, but I can swear pretty certainly that it is my cambric, by the quality; it is not a piece such as are sold in the shops here, I bought it at Amsterdam; this is in the raw state as it came from the bleach; when it is done up, and calendered for the shops, it is put up in squares; I have here the table-cloth that belongs to these napkins, I bought them together at Amsterdam.(Miss Mary Arnold also identified the handkerchief and the napkins).
THOMAS LAWRENCE sworn. - I am one of the marshalmen, I was with Sayer: I went, in consequence of a warrant from Bow-street, backed in the City, to Hayes's house; the back part of the house is in the City, the other part is in Middlesex; the bar is in the county of Middlesex.
Collett's defence. I am innocent of the charge laid to me; I leave the rest to my Counsel.
Collett called his serjeant, and one other witness who had known him eighteen years, and gave him a good character.
Collett, GUILTY .
Transported for seven years .
Mary Hayes , GUILTY .
Transported for fourteen years .
Henry Hayes , NOT GUILTY .
Second Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice Grose.

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