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The Straight and Narrow Curve

Can You See Across the Sea?

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Artist and Songwriter: Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson is the lead vocalist and songwriter with The Aerial Maps. The band is influenced by the bright landscapes and long distances of Australia, like those described by bands such as theTriffids, the Go-Betweens, Midnight Oil plus the sparser work of Not Drowning Waving and the Necks, and also, importantly, the folk sensibility of the lyrics of Mick Thomas.

Songwriter: Mick Thomas

As the frontman for seminal Aussie group Weddings Parties Anything and an established solo artist in his own right, Mick Thomas is renowned as a storyteller. Boasting an ear for rich, warmly weathered folk, he has a knack for nailing the minutiae of Australian life without resorting to cliches.

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