Mugsheets Credits

Dedicated to the memory of Dean de Vries (1963-2010)
Gifted graphic designer and long time member of the creative team at Roar who developed initial concepts for the Storylines project

Producers: Steve Thomas, Kath Symmons, Craig Dow Sainter, Anna Grieve

Creative Director: Steve Thomas

Key Writer: Melinda Standish

Mugsheets Graphic Design: Dave McArthur

Technical Director: Ben Lacey

Mugsheets Programmer: Daniel Reid

Key Advisors: Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Janet McCalman, Trudy Cowley

Researchers: Melinda Standish, Andrea Gerrard

Database Design: Daniel Reid, Trudy Cowley

Production Manager: Jeff Blake

Events Manager: Catherine Pettman

Special Thanks

Founders and Survivors ARC team

University of Tasmania

Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office

The Female Convict Research Group

Castlemaine Historical Society

Tasmanian Family History Society

University of Tasmania - School of Art

Salamanca Arts Centre staff

Dr Allison Alexander, Maurice Appleyard, Will Barry, Jeff Blake, David Boon, James Boyce, Jeff Briscoe, Douglas Burbury, George Burbury, Jane Burton, Dr Trudy Cowley, Jim Everett, Lucy Frost, Andrea Gerrard, Holly Greaves, Rob Harrison, Pete Hay, Leigh Hobba, Alleyne Hockley, Jenny Huntley, Russell Jack, Dave McArthur, Janet McCalman, Dr Tony Moore, Matt Newton, Chris Rees, Marcus Rees, Gil Sawford, Raef Sawford, Sandra Silcott, Roger Scholes, Dr Dianne Snowden, Lyn and Ray Spark, John Starsmore, Hamish Maxwell Stewart, John Wagstaff, Caroline Homer, Tony Marshall, Ron Moss

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