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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Storylines?
Founders & Survivors: Storylines is an interactive project, and an extraordinary story about the making of modern Australia. It springs from the world heritage-listed convict records of Tasmania. Go to Lifelines to explore a sample of the convict lives, told in film, song and image. Go to Mugsheets to search, connect and share with the 69,669 men, women and children transported to Van Diemen's Land.
What is Founders and Survivors?
Founders & Survivors is a partnership between historians, genealogists, demographers and population health researchers. It seeks to record and study the founding population of 73,000 men women and children who were transported to Van Diemen's Land by examining and extracting data from the world heritage-listed convict records of Tasmania. Many survived their convict experience and went on to help build a new society.
Why can't I find a convict?
Currently only the convicts transported to Van Dieman's land are contained in Mugsheets.
Why are some records missing?
Records are continuing to be transcribed and added to Mugsheets. If you have any additional information about a convict, please post it to the Scrapbook.
Why do some records conflict?
Sometimes you will find conflicts within convict records. The records used to create Mugsheets have been drawn from a number of different, very old sources, and errors may have occurred in the original records, in the transcription process, or in the matching of records. If you have information that may resolve or clarify a conflict, please post it to the Scrapbook.