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The profile page for each convict lists all the recorded events of a convict's life, in order from birth to death, their trial and transportation, children and marriages, offences after they arrived, places they were sent, and freedoms.
Information about this convict's background, trial, and voyage to VDL.
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Native place Show
Transported for Show
Stated this offence Show
Sentence Show
Prior convictions Show
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Age on Arrival
The approximate age of the convict, upon their arrival in VDL.
Reports of this convict's history, behaviour, and status.
Gaol report Show
Hulk report Show
Surgeon's report Show
This convict's recorded spouses and children.
Some convicts were known by more than one name, or had more than one spelling of their name.
Mugsheet IDs
The unique ID of each Mugsheet. You can search for convicts by their Mugsheet ID.
Police Numbers
Every convict was assigned a police number when they arrived in VDL, which was used in their records.
Unknown dates
For some events, an precise date is not known. Instead it may be listed as an approximate date (c1831), within a year range (1831-1832), or before a certain year (before 1832).
Missing records or details
There are missing records and details for many convicts. The Timeline displays information that is currently available in Tasmanian convict records.
The information here is drawn from a range of sources. Convict records were kept in a number of different locations. Some dates and events appear mismatched or out of order, because of mistakes in the original records.
The history and status of this convict prior to their trial and transportation.
When and where this convict was born, and any other convicts that have been found born in the same time and place.
Baptism Show
When and where this convict was tried, where they were tried, the crime they were tried for, and the sentence they were given. Convicts found tried in the same place and time will be displayed.
When this convict's journey to VDL began, where the ship sailed from, and information about the ship, crew, route, and other passengers. Select the Voyage to see additional information.
When and where this convict arrived in VDL, information on the ship, crew, and other passengers on their voyage, and the convict's stated reason for transportation. Select the Voyage to see additional information.
Musters were a census of the status and location of all convicts. Convicts found in the same place and time are displayed.
Where this convict was at certain times, what he or she was doing, and who they were assigned to or working for. Other convicts found in the same place and time are also shown.
Offences committed by this convict after they arrived in VDL. The type of offence, the sentence, where they were sentenced, and who sentenced them. Other convicts tried at the same time and place are also shown.
When and where this convict was married.
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Child born
Children born to this convict, and children born to other convicts at the same time and place.
Freedom types
Convicts could obtain different levels of freedom, either by good behaviour or by reaching the end of their sentence.
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Free Certificate Show
Free by Servitude Show
Ticket of Leave Show
When and where this convict passed away, the cause of death if known, and other convicts to have died at the same time and place.
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