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Information about this convict's background, trial, and voyage to VDL.
The trade or occupation that this convict was in before their trial.
Skills Show
The stated religion of this convict. Common religions among the convicts of the time were Roman Catholic (RC), Protestant (P), Church of England (CE), Church of Scotland (CS) and Presbyterian.
Native place
Where this convict lived, before they were transported.
Transported for
The offence for which this convict was tried and sentenced to transportation for.
Stated this offence
This convict's own statement of their offence, including previous convictions.
The period of time that this convict was sentenced to be imprisoned in VDL - either a number of years, or for life.
Sentence extensions Show
Prior convictions
Offences and sentences of this convict before their trial and transportation.
On the town
Usually meant prostitution